Moving on...

TL;DR: I’m going to focus my Resilient energies elsewhere. I share why and how to stay connected, should you choose to do so. Following along will be entirely opt-in, because I want to respect your time, attention, and privacy.

Here’s the latest in the new space: 📚 Finished Reading: The Fate of Food


  1. Newsletter and primary blogging will be combined in one place: Hey World

    You can subscribe by email or by feed at the bottom of that page:

  2. Public notes (including Resilient notes) are moving to a new place: Digital Garden

    You can follow notes by bookmarking the page. I’ll also refer to notes frequently in Hey World.

  3. Information here will be archived (maybe in the Digital Garden, TBD)


There are a few concerns I’ve developed about this space:

  • It’s becoming more of a captured platform, producing ecosystem and amplification concerns

  • It’s not easy to get my notes in, in order to draft posts simply

  • There’s unnecessary pressure (probably self-imposed) about posts, which makes them harder to publish

  • The system tracks things that it doesn’t really need to (reads, clicks, etc.)

I share more about what I like about Hey World for blog/newsletter here. In short: I like the way Basecamp/Hey do business, the way they respect us, and the simplicity of using it.

For my personal and public notes, I’ve moved to Why? It’s fast, a delight to use, more visual than other similar tools (which works for the way I think), makes it easy to intake content, has backlinking and crosslinking (allowing me to link pages and blocks back and forth to each other, like in a wiki), and is easy to share.

I appreciate your time here, and hope you’ll join me on the next chapter.

Stay Resilient.